Presidio is a Latino-owned, bipartisan strategic public affairs and communications firm based in California and committed to delivering innovative and integrity-driven solutions to drive transformative results. We serve a diverse range of private-sector entities across multiple industries, government entities, and nonprofits, focusing on fostering meaningful change and enhancing public dialogue. Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and excellence empowers our clients to achieve their goals and advocate effectively in an ever-evolving public landscape.


To deliver integrity-driven and inclusive public affairs and strategic communication services, empowering our clients to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders, influence public opinion, and drive meaningful change in their communities and beyond.


At Presidio, we pride ourselves on understanding and leading with an equity lens in every aspect of our work, both internally with our employees and with our clients. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is more than policies, programs, or headcounts within an office structure.  It is about recognizing the intersectionality of our communities, values, and struggles. This is critical to lead honestly and building deeper trust with our clients and employees. By respecting each other’s unique stories, needs, perspectives, and potential, we continue to create space where many different genders, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, and identities are represented. 

Specifically, as one of few Latino-owned small businesses in the Public Affairs and Communications space, we have established a presence in the industry by bringing our unique backgrounds and insight to assist our clients in communicating effectively with diverse communities. Multicultural communications is not a separate service offering but rather a philosophy of respect, perspective, and curiosity with which we approach all of our work.

Most importantly, we believe that a culture that truly embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion must create opportunities for and lift up historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities in concrete, meaningful ways – inside and outside the office.

We act on our values

  • Presidio’s executive team is 100% POC and 50% female.
  • Presidio’s management team is 83% POC, 40% female, and 20% LGBTQ.
  • In 2020, Presidio implemented a minimum wage for all internships and prohibited unpaid internships.
  • In 2021, Presidio implemented a minimum salary policy that sets the salary floor for any full-time employee at 1.15x the living wage.
  • Since we began tracking this metric in 2018, Presidio has donated over $500,000 in monetary and nonmonetary contributions to groups and causes that support our public agency clients and their communities, including ethnic studies-rooted arts education, the Boys & Girls Club, Orange County Pride, the Arc,  sports clinics, and History Day LA.
  • In a rarity for our industry, Presidio is nearing the completion of a year-long study aimed at designing and implementing a comprehensive compensation, professional development, and career path overhaul that will institute salary transparency and career progression milestones.


Presidio brings its expertise to bear for our clients across California.






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